How do we live wisely, with positive impact, in this place?

Living-in-Maine Semester at a glance

Academics are place-based, project-based, interdisciplinary, and experiential. Reflection is integral to the learning process. Our academics are characterized by the high degree of student engagement that is inherent to experiential learning.
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Maine Local Living School is a learning laboratory that illuminates the web of interdependence that sustains life.  Here, sustainability is a by-product of love of place and ecological intelligence. It grows naturally, out of the students’ working relationship with the essentials of life: soil, water and energy.
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Students carve, weave, sew, craft, and construct. Handwork awakens the "elemental maker", inspires confidence, and integrates the intelligences of hand, head, and heart.
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Connection and Listening
The earth is alive and speaking to us.  Through participation we enhance communication.  In quiet sit-spots and in daily work we strive to listen and connect. 
Valuing the whole through building relationships with the parts- this is our process for building community. Our community is nested like rings in an onion.  At the center of the onion is our small community of human learners, living tightly together, developing skills for clear communication, empathy, and respect.  The next ring includes the immediate ecological community of our 120-acre campus. The next ring out is our Franklin County community with which we interact via The Outdoor Education Mentorship Project, The Cottage Industry Project, and The Applied Research Project. This community is nested within the Sandy River watershed, encompassed by the human and natural communities of Maine.  Living-in-Maine Semester awakens the excitement and accountability that comes from connecting to community.

Living-in-Maine is a 90 day high school semester for learners who want to know, "How do we live wisely, with positive impact, in Maine?" Set on the teaching homestead of the Maine Local Living School, students are immersed in an ongoing experience of sustainability and place-based learning.  Daily and practical participation with shelter, water, energy and food inspires important questions about our place and its connections with the planet: How much can we take?  How do we practice reciprocity?  Can we improve a place?  What happened here in the past?  What is happening here now?  How do we make positive change?

Through life on the homestead, study, and community engagement, students have the opportunity to employ their whole selves - head, hands, and hearts - in search of answers.  

"Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and make it survive, you haven't done a thing. You are just talking. "                                                        -Wangari Maathai