Apprenticeship Program: Logistics


We have an 8-week minimum stay. The first two weeks of this time is a trial period, during which either party is allowed to terminate the apprenticeship. There is no maximum length of stay, but apprentices must request, and be approved for, an additional length of stay beyond the minimum 8 weeks.  We offer spring, summer and fall apprenticeship blocks.


Weekly Schedule:

Apprentices work on Maine Local Living School projects 5 days a week. We work hard and request the same of our apprentices.  However, he apprenticeship is, at its core, an educational experience. Apprentices attend all classes free-of-charge and have ample opportunity to pursue personal craft projects and practice skills. Wednesday afternoons are set aside for cleaning and maintenance around the apprentice lodge. Friday afternoons and weekends are free time.

Community Meeting

On Wednesday night there is always a community potluck supper. On this night, we review the week, share feelings, address concerns and issues, offer appreciations, and make plans for the upcoming week.


Character Expectations:

Above all, we expect apprentices to have a desire to learn, and to be willing and positive members of the community. We expect apprentices to be self-motivated, thorough in their work, and meticulous in their clean-up and care of tools.

Social Contact

Apprentices are involved with all classes and work with us almost daily. However, apprentices live alone and need to be a self-sufficient social unit. Maine Local Living School is located 9 miles from town and social interaction is limited. If you get lonely and do not do well living by yourself, you should consider apprenticing with a partner or friend, or make sure there will be other apprentices present during your stay.


$200 per week.

Drugs and Alcohol

Maine Local Living School apprenticeship is a time to push your levels of awareness and connection.  We do not feel the use of marijuana or alcohol are conducive to this goal and are strictly forbidden during the working day.  Minimal use of legal substances is accepted on your own time.

Good Housekeeping/ Hygiene

Keeping a clean living space and a clean body are important elements of the simple life endeavor. We will hold apprentices to a high standard of quality in this regard, as it would be doing you a disservice not to do so.  Living simple does not mean living dirty.

Car Parking

Apprentices’ cars are parked in the school parking area, approximately ¼ mile from the school center.

Outhouse: Apprentices use the school’s public composting toilet and are responsible for keeping it clean and neat.


Apprentices can usually charge cell phones, laptops, headlamp batteries, etc. from the greenhouse photovoltaic system. Occasionally, you will have to wait for the sun to come out again!

Phone/Internet/Library: There is no cell reception here! Depending on your carrier, service starts between 1 and 5 miles down the road. There is a landline phone available in the classroom. Internet is available at the public library in Farmington, and at the Knapp house on a limited basis. 


Human-created music is always welcome! To hold space for all involved in the community, please do not play loud recorded music on speakers.


No pets, please.


Farmington is 9 miles away. There is some opportunity to carpool when we leave to do errands. If you are without a car, we recommend bringing a bike.