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Family Sustainability Stay

Family Stay Overview

  If you and your family* are excited to:

  • Simplify life

  • Provide for more of your basic needs

  • Increase resiliency and sustainability

  • Learn skills and connect with nature

Or perhaps you just want a relaxed, catered "glamping" experience on a unique Maine homestead.  A time to eat great local food, cook over a fire, carve a spoon, milk a goat....

Join us on the homestead!


*We use the word family broadly to include any small group of loved ones or friends. We welcome all kinds of families/groups!

“…. after we stay [at Maine Local Living School] I come home with renewed grounding, clarity, calm and vision, reminded of how it can feel to feed my spirit with the friendship, nature and work that it craves. You give us all so much peace and love to bring back into our lives and to those around us. "  ~ 2019 Family Stay Participant


Every family stay includes:

1. A personalized itinerary of
activities and lessons based on your family's interests
2. Harvesting food from the garden and the wild
3. Cooking over a fire

4. Time to enjoy local hiking trails and swimming holes
5. Time to simply be a family or group of families/ friends.



  One family or two? The Family Stay is designed as a custom program.  You choose from a list of skills and activities to decide what the focus of your experience will be. However, if you know another family with whom you would like to share this experience, we offer a reduced rate for two or more families attending together.  Families will stay in different dwellings; meals and lessons will be in common. For this reason, families will want to confer while choosing activities. In recent years we have had multiple families attending the same program--the social interaction is rich and everyone has a lot of fun living and learning together.

Family Stay Details

Accommodations include a spacious white canvas wall tents with mattresses, bedding, wood floor, and composting toilet.

Find out more about our facilities here!


3-day single-family experience:  $1,650
5-day single-family experience: $2,750
3-day 2 or more family experience: $1,200 per family
5-day 2 or more family experience: $2,000 per family

Please have each family sign up separately! 


What to bring?

See the packing list here

"Our time with you at MLLS was life changing; we are profoundly grateful for your time, guidance, and your sharing of yourselves." ~ 2022 family stay participant

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