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Fall 2020 Apprentices with corn harvest (left) and newly completed packbaskets (right)  Nice Work Crew!

If you are hungering to be in a place where people live what they teach; a place rich in traditional skills yet unafraid to try new ideas; a place where the surrounding land provides the food, the buildings, and the fuel; where gardening, wild gathering, handcraft, primitive skills, permaculture, and appropriate technologies all come together to support daily life…

If you want to be a part of this place, this apprenticeship is for you!

“I discovered in small-scale, place-based living skills a genuine joy that had been absent from me…”

 A Year at Maine Local Living School

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The Education

At Maine Local Living, learning happens organically, through lived experience and reflection. We share ideas while we work, and always welcome questions. We encourage journal keeping and offer prompts for reflection. When the work day ends, the learning continues.


In every season, there will be multiple craft projects available for apprentices to work on. From basketry to knife-making to leatherwork, we are craftspeople and feel it is important to provide time for apprentices to experience the joy of making things.

“For it is the very nature of handcraft to bring order to the materials used and bestow order upon the maker.”

- B. Graves

The Sacred Four: shelter, water, fire, food.

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Philosophy of Place-Based Living and Learning:

  • Living wisely in place necessitates forming healthy relationships with the natural world: 

Love and understanding, the basis for any deep and healthy relationship, do not come from watching the beauty of nature any more than they do from watching an interesting or attractive person on the street! We need to get to know that person through shared experiences. Similarly, we need to get to know the earth.  The best way to get to know the earth is through eating, harvesting, crafting, tending and depending on her. The Maine Local Living Apprenticeship will deepen your relationship with the earth through participation. 


  • Community Living, People Matter:

Sustainability is not as important as that which we sustain. We believe in good communication, non-judgment, and appreciation. At our weekly community dinner, we open space to share feelings, air grievances, and offer appreciations.


  • The Positive Impact:

Human impact is not, by definition, negative. As an apprentice, you will reclaim a regenerative role, personally helping to create a more fertile, diverse, and healthy ecosystem while meeting your own needs.


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