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Apprenticeship Overview

Apprenticeship Program
Climate resilient living emerging from the confluence of ancestral knowledge, science, permaculture, intuition and good old fashioned hands-in-the-dirt experience

The Maine Local Living School Apprenticeship is training for the transition. Energy downshift, climate resilience, bioregionalism, community living, reciprocity with the living world; these are all frameworks that undergird our daily work. The day to day revolves around building skills and tending the systems that reflect these big ideas -- and sharing this with others. We want apprentices to leave here with the knowledge and skills to create many elements of the world they want to live in.

  • 8 week experience

  • Free/work exchange

  • 18 years or older

  • Substance free community living

  • Over 60 apprenticeships since 2009

Apprenticeship Logistics
  • Subsistence Scale Agriculture

  • Food preservation

  • Humanure composting

  • Handcraft (bowls, spoons, baskets, etc.)

  • Hand tool sharpening and use

  • Forestry and food forests

  • Alternative building

  • Fermentation

  • Wild gathering food and fiber

  • Mushroom cultivation

  • Stonework

  • Leatherwork and tanning

  • Animal raising including dairy sheep and ducks

Apprenticeship Details

 Skill Building at Maine Local Living School

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