Day-Long School Programs
For Schools Groups or Homeschool Groups


 "Our public school has worked with Koviashuvik (now Maine Local Living) for more than a decade - via field trips or Chris's visits to our school. Foraging, planting, making herbal teas, bowls, twine, utensils and bread from acorns...... the activity itself is only one layer of the learning. While deftly interweaving songs and stories, Chris nudges everyone beyond the instruction in new and practical skills, to think about and engage in, the myriad of natural learning opportunities all around us."             

                                                                       -Tracy Williams, Mallet School Principle

Maine Local Living Programs for Schools: 

We offer day-long programs in place-based and nature-based skills and experiences.   


Location: At your school or on-site at Maine Local Living School


Group Size: Our max group size for an interactive presentation is 42 students.  For handwork and more involved outdoor projects our max group size is 24.


Duration:  Programs are day-long.  For larger schools we divide the day into three learning blocks of roughly 1.5 hours each.  In some instances we work with one class or a smaller grade for the whole day


Goal:  To inspire this reaction:  “Wow, this place I live- my schoolyard, and backyard- are full of of amazing gifts: real food, sources of warmth and shelter, and homes for other unique beings such as animals, bugs, plants and trees.  I am in relation to all these beings, I am part of an earth community!!”


Methods to the Goal

  • Hands-on work with indigenous/ local foods:  shelling dry-corn off the cob, grinding cornmeal, shelling beans, cracking and processing acorns, games with all the vegetables from a root cellar

  • Plant and tree identification, observation, and appreciation

  • Story and Song

  • Wild Gathering: wild edibles, wild teas, plant fibers, roots for sewing bark bracelets and baskets

  • Shelter building

  • Making safe fire from found materials, making fire with friction

  • Cooking bread on a stick

  • Weaving with scraps of brown ash and found materials

  • Pounding brown ash for baskets

Curriculum Connections: 

  1. Native American Studies

  2. Science: ecology, botany, physics

  3. History: Pre-contact and post-colonization

  4. Literature

  5. Survival Unit

Custom Programs We are happy to focus on a particular lesson that complements your classroom instruction.  For example when a 5th grade class was reading about Penobscot basketry we brought in multiple brown ash logs and students pounded basket splints with wooden mallets, then tried their hands at weaving. 

Cost:  $450 per day at school plus mileage

           $550 per day on-site at Maine Local Living School


"Dear Chris and Ashirah Knapp,

Thank you for coming to our school today. The students were mesmerized and encouraged to live an ecologically friendly lifestyle...They love the demonstration of fire and the satisfaction of making rope. We determined as a team of teachers that your presentation was our top priority when discussing field trips and special functions.

Fifth grade teacher,
Albert S. Hall School"


Students eating lunch in the Living Local Classroom on a rainy day