mix old and new saw-ax for mother earth.

Chris Knapp is a father, homesteader and environmental educator.  He is passionate about sharing inroads to place-connection and gratitude through hand craft, wilderness travel, and homesteading arts.  Chris began teaching and guiding at Kroka Expeditions where, for multiple years, he instructed on Kroka's winter semester for high school students.  Chris has taught experiential education from grade school to graduate school levels, and, since 2008, has been the lead educator for Maine Local Living School.  Chris holds a M.S. in environmental studies from Antioch University New England, is a Wilderness First Responder and a registered Maine Guide.

 Ashirah Knapp is an experiential  educator, homesteader of 20-plus years, goat farmer, Maine Guide, and mother.  She has worked in accounting and addiction medicine offices, been a homeschooling mom, and enjoyed many years offering in-home senior care.  She currently runs Maine Local Living School's animal husbandry program and is finishing two novels  and several short children's stories.  

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Raymond E. Reitze, Jr. is a Master Maine Guide, author, and philosophy teacher.  As a young boy in Buxton, Maine, Raymond spent countless hours being mentored by an elder from the Mi'Kmaq people who was living on the back acreage of the Reitzes' farm.  Those early years opened Raymond to a way of seeing and being upon the earth that has guided his life ever since.  He has run several businesses and guided countless people through the wilds of Maine and into “the silence.”  Raymond has dedicated his life to the teachings of love, and guiding people and children to their own hearts.

Emily MacGibeny is an herbalist, wild foods cook, experiential educator, holistic health practitioner,  permaculturalist, gardener, and Wilderness First Responder. Emily holds a bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies and has 8-plus years of experience living, learning, and working on farms and intentional communities across the world. Emily is passionate about the power of body-connection, Earth-connection, and community-connection in empowering others to feel grounded, resilient, creative, and joyful in life.