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Active Hope Homestead Immersion 

Challenging and unique, the Homestead Immersion stretches youth to do real work in community, explore their potential as agents of positive change in an ecosystem, and develop awareness of and gratitude for the gifts of the earth.

  Sustainable Living 

Students stock the coolers with ice harvested last winter, chop wood and cook on fire, bathe in the solar-heated rain-fed shower, milk goats and make yogurt, plant seeds, harvest vegetables, carry water and tend the composting systems.  Each student depends on their classmates to keep all the parts of life in motion. It takes a village to make acorn pancakes!

Climate Science and Mitigation

Lessons on carbon cycling, human impact on the biosphere, and climate change mitigation are embedded into each MLLS experience. We teach the problems through the framework of solutions.

Reflection and Listening

The earth is alive and speaking to us. Through quiet sit-spots, journal time and in daily work, we listen and connect. Throughout the program we make space for practices that support silence, observation, reflection and growth.

Handwork and Creativity

Handwork integrates the intelligences of hand, head, and heart.  Students carve bowls and spoons, twist rope, weave baskets, and sew with leather.  They become makers, not consumers, of their world.

Social Emotional Learning

Through journaling, facilitated circles and small group conversations, we create safer spaces for students to establish and maintain positive relationships with their peers, to practice recognizing and communicating feelings and perspectives, and to prevent and constructively engage with interpersonal conflict. Everyone gets to experience the satisfaction of tangibly contributing to the well-being of their community, and practice decision-making skills and responsible behaviors.

Student Participation Outcomes

Curiosity, peace, confidence, social and emotional Learning, climate adaption skills, understandings and ambitions.

"Thank you for a beautiful, transformative learning adventure (High School Homestead Immersion) this week!  I am floating in the sweet memories of singing, eating extraordinary food in community, witnessing students grow in their confidence and awareness as they gained skills and welcomed the peace of time away from electricity.  I appreciate your dedication to this teaching and all the extra effort your team gave to help the Ecology Learning Center feel welcome.  Thank You!"  
~Leza Packard, Head of School, Ecology Learning Center


Program Details:
Class Size:  10 to 24 students.  Larger classes will cook and eat in separate pods of 12 or fewer.
Grade Level:  High school grades 9 - 12 (we also adapt this program for younger grades).
Season:  All four seasons are available.  Winter brings unique challenges and rewards. We work with a max of 12 students during the winter months.
Cost: $85 to $125 per student per day depending on group size, access to resources, and other factorsWe are striving for financial accessibility of our programs; our Financial Aid Request can be found here.
Program length: typically 4 days and 3 nights; this may be expanded or shortened

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