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*Note: 501(c)(3) status pending

Maine Local Living School Funding Opportunities

 Your generous donation can be directed toward a variety of programming and initiatives:

Living-in-Maine Semester Scholarships. The Living-in-Maine Semester is a 90-day experiential semester program for high-school students who want to know, "How do we live wisely, with positive impact, in Maine?" We aim to make this program as accessible as possible by offering a sliding scale tuition. Donations to this fund creates further accessibility to families and students by providing funding for:

  • Room & board

  • Tuition

Living-in-Maine Semester Scholarships

Backpack Fund. Much of our programing aims to provide young students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in hands-on, outdoor, nature-based learning. Donations to this fund would allow Maine Local Living School to assist in providing more families with more of the following gear, in order to increase financial accessibility to our programs:

  • Backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, and sleeping mats

  • Hiking boots

  • Rain coats and rain boots

  • Winter clothing such as wool sweaters, wool socks, jackets, and hats

Backpack Fund

Maine Local Living School General Fund. Donations will be directed towards: 

  • Maine Local Living School general operating and maintenance costs

  • Expanding and improving programming ​

  • Repairing or replacing tools and gear

  • Infrastructure upkeep

  • Payment for staff and guest teachers 

Maine Local Living School General Fund

Infrastructure Improvements. Donations may be directed towards: 

  • Solar panels for the outdoor classroom

  • Building ​more student housing

Infastructure Improvements

Thank you for helping make transformative outdoor education experiences available to Maine students!

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