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Family Stay
Lessons & Activities


*Indicates a larger project that necessitates a half day commitment or more.


  • Solar Food Dehydration: Make fruit leather

  • Preservation with lacto-fermentation: Make sauerkraut, kimchi, dilly beans, or fermented pickles.

  • Acorn Processing: Grind and leach acorn flour, bake acorn bread.  

  • *Rocket Stove Construction: Make your own rocket stove for camping or home use. 

  • Mowing with a Scythe: Experience the rhythm and grace of mowing by hand and learn about sharpening the scythe blade.

  • Sourdough: creating and maintaining a sourdough culture & baking

  • Making yogurt

  • Tool Sharpening: Learn basic principles of sharpening edge tools.  Bring your own kitchen or carving knife to practice on.

  • *Hammer Handle: Make a hammer handle and “hang” the hammer on its new handle.

  • *Drum Making: steam-bend a hoop drum and sew on a goat-skin head.

  • Wild Foods: Learn to identify harvest and cook with wild foods of the season.

  • Tree Identification Walk: Learn who is who in our forest and some of their many uses.

  • *Spoon Carving: Make your own wooden spoon to take home.

  • *Bowl Carving: Carve a wooden bowl with gouges and mallet.

  • *Basket Making: Make a small basket, from ash, root or birch-bark. 

  • Leather Work: Sew a small pouch/ purse/ wallet out of hand tanned buckskin.

  • Composting: Build a compost pile from start to finish.

  • *Composting Toilets: Build your own simple composting toilet to take home, and learn the do's and don'ts of composting.

  • Chicken Slaughter: Kill, process, and cook a chicken

  • Orienteering: Map and Compass use / bushwhack adventure

  • Spatula/spear Carving: Carve a giant wooden spatula or spear with a drawknife and shave-horse (parents often delight in the spatula while even a very young child (4yrs old) can make a great spear) 


Activities for Kids (and/or Adults!):


  • *Make a simple bow and arrow

  • Carving time with drawknife and shave-horse (With parental permission swords and spears are popular carving projects!)

  • Making fire with friction

  • Cooking bread on a stick

  • Make string from natural fibers

  • Make birch-bark napkin holders

  • Make corn husk dolls.

  • Make porcupine quill necklace

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