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Packing List


*Note: Clothing amounts based on a 3-day stay. Bring a little more for the 5-day stay.  It is also easy to hand-wash some items with solar hot water in the greenhouse sink. This program, after all, is about simple solutions!


Clothing List (Per Person): 

  • Rain coat and rain pants

  • Rubber boots

  • Walking shoes/sneakers

  • Sandals or water shoes.

  • 2 pairs wool or synthetic socks, 2 pairs cotton socks

  • The clothes you are wearing plus one extra set (for children bring a few extra sets of clothes!)

  • A few layers of wool or synthetic shirts or sweaters for warmth (if you are coming in the spring or fall, also bring long underwear bottoms and an extra sweater for frosty mornings)

  • Swim suit

  • Sun hat

  • Wool hat

  • Long-sleeved, very light-weight cotton shirt and very light-weight cotton pants for bug/sun protection


Equipment (per person):

  • Headlight with new batteries

  • Personal hygiene supplies

  • Water bottle

  • Notebook & pen

  • Camera if desired

  • Sleeping bag (we provide camping pads but you are welcome to bring your own)


Food and Other Items:

  • We will provide all meals and snacks. Feel free to bring some snacks of your own if you think it will be helpful. 

  • We do not provide alcoholic beverages. If you would like to bring your own beer or wine you are welcome to.

  • Feel free to bring any personal items that will make your children feel at home (a favorite stuffed animal, books to read in the evening, special toys, etc.). There are some toys and a modest selection of great books in the family camp tent.


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